Over the years at Prime Function, particularly since we began vacuum casting, the modelmaking side of our business has grown dramatically to become the core of our work and we find that the projects can essentially be divided into four categories:


Scale exhibition models of plant and machinery is a large part of our work. These have so far ranged from 1/8th to 1/200th scale. These have generally been utilised as useful and effective promotional aids on exhibition stands at trade shows or for governmental sales pitches where, once again, it has not been practicable to transport and show all of the actual hardware.




Architectural models. For this most important side of our business please see the Real Estate Models section.

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Appearance models (i.e. block models) which are used by our clients to assist in the presentation of new products.... often before the real-life item itself is available for display or the item itself is too large for easy transport to an exhibition.


Precision component models and/or prototypes to simulate a complete and accurate assembly of injection mouldings and other related parts. These are used to prove and/or trouble-shoot the design of a product prior to expensive investment in tooling. Again these are also used for exhibition purposes when the actual production item is not yet available.


General Information

Our display models are usually made in durable and stable plastic materials such as acrylic, polyurethanes etc. These will stand both time and testing conditions and we also use metals where appropriate.

Recently we have also been quoting for models as quality promotional give-aways and the numbers and/or materials involved have justified us looking beyond vacuum casting at producing tooling for both plastic injection mouldings and white metal castings. Neither of these processes present a problem as we have appropriate contacts in those trades.

As you can see we are interested in the challenge of modelmaking work in any field ......the more challenging the better! As an example see a piece of automata (a fully working flea circus) illustrated below which was designed, developed and tested in just two weeks!

If you have some modelmaking to be done, just give us a realistic anticipated completion date and we believe that we will give you a very competitive price. Not only that, you will also have the satisfaction of dealing with a small personal concern with which it is a pleasure to work.

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